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war profiteers:

George Bush

Dick Cheney

R. James Woolsey

Hillary Clinton

Neil Livingstone

Randy Scheunemann

Margaret Bartel

K. Riva Levinson

IRAQ WAR PROFITEERS  -ICAC and Titan – used taxpayer funds (via pentagon) to torture at abu ghraib  Bechtel – 2.5 billions from pentagon to rebuild iraq, and they done fucked up  Custer Battles - $70 million defrauded, falsely billed for contrafting work  2. Halliburton (formerly run by US vice president Dick Cheney - one subsidiary Kellogg), reported soaring revenues from its contracts to help rebuild Iraq. Sales in the third quarter of 2003 were 39% higher at $4.1bn (£2.5bn), and profits grew fourfold to $49m, of which $34m was Iraq business. Halliburton did not have to make a single competitive pitch to earn these profits. It has already secured further business worth $1.4bn in a separate, competitively bid contract to provide support services to troops. Halliburton is charging the army $1.59 a gallon for its oil, but critics say it can be bought from neighbouring countries for as little as 98 cents. Cheney received a $33m payoff when he left Halliburton in 2000, and still gets $180,000 a year in deferred income. The company has also donated $708,770 in the period 1999 - 2002 to US political interests, of which 95 percent went to Republicans. President Bush himself received $17,677. No conflict of interests there then!  Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey is a prominent example of the phenomenon, mixing his business interests with what he contends are the country's strategic interests. He left the CIA in 1995, but he remains a senior government advisor on intelligence and national security issues, including Iraq. Meanwhile, he works for two private companies that do business in Iraq and is a partner in a company that invests in firms that provide security and anti-terrorism services. Woolsey said in an interview that he was not directly involved with the companies' Iraq-related ventures. But as a vice president of Booz Allen Hamilton, a consulting firm, he was a featured speaker in May 2003 at a conference co-sponsored by the company at which about 80 corporate executives and others paid up to $1,100 to hear about the economic outlook and business opportunities in Iraq.  •  Neil Livingstone, a former Senate aide who has served as a Pentagon and State Department advisor and issued repeated public calls for Hussein's overthrow. He heads a Washington-based firm, GlobalOptions, that provides contacts and consulting services to companies doing business in Iraq. •  Randy Scheunemann, a former Rumsfeld advisor who helped draft the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 authorizing $98 million in U.S. aid to Iraqi exile groups. He was the founding president of the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq. Now he's helping former Soviet Bloc states win business there. •  Margaret Bartel, who managed federal money channeled to Chalabi's exile group, the Iraqi National Congress, including funds for its prewar intelligence program on Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. She now heads a Washington-area consulting firm helping would-be investors find Iraqi partners. •  K. Riva Levinson, a Washington lobbyist and public relations specialist who received federal funds to drum up prewar support for the Iraqi National Congress. She has close ties to Bartel and now helps companies open doors in Iraq, in part through her contacts with the Iraqi National Congress. 
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