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What have you been tapping play on recently? Let us know

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It has again been a while since we ask you, our wonderful community about your gaming picks recently, so let's have another chat in the comments. Sunday for a lot of people is a time for rest, relaxation and plenty of gaming!

Before you jump down to that comments box, here's what I've been playing plenty of recently.

It might come as no surprise but I've been diving into plenty of Half-Life: Alyx. Still not completed it yet, as it's been a regular slot in our Twitch livestreams (come follow us!). Mind-blowing is pretty much an understatement on how excellent it really is. Given how SteamVR on Linux is still quite rough, it's been very stable too - with one single hard lock up during my current 16 hour time spent in it. There's so much to enjoy about it I don't know where to start and end talking about it.

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With such an experience it's pretty overloading, there's so many things I've missed that's going to need another play-through to catch all the details put into it. I'm constantly discovering small details that really make it great.

Over to you in the comments: what have you been playing and is it any good?

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Xpander Jun 6, 2021
Sea of Thieves (proton) - Didn't think i will like this game tbh, but playing with a friend, its tons of fun. There are few issues on Linux with it though. The player who Hosts the session have to load into the world first. then you go Adventure and closed crew and then accept invite. Otherwise you will get stuck to "locating fresh supplies" ... Runs wonderfully and is loads of fun.

Warhammer Online: Return of Reckoning (wine/DXVK) - My go to PvP MMORPG fix.

Mafia Definitive Edition (proton) - currently ~9 hours in. Looks good and plays mostly good. Hate the cover button, but i unbounded it and playing it more like the classic. Voiceacting is top notch, story is a bit changed from the original, but follows the same line mostly, just adds more.

Portal: Reloaded (native) - My brain just melts.. im stuck at the 14th of the puzzle. The time traveling adds brain melting difficulty to the puzzles, but its fun.

Last edited by Xpander on 6 June 2021 at 8:08 am UTC
FredO Jun 6, 2021
Metro Exodus: It's been running really well up until the desert level, and then it started crashing continuously. Dropping graphics level to medium seems to have helped a lot, as generally suggested.
Loving the game so far. Excellent emersion and interesting story.

Total War: Rome remastered: Sorry Spain, if one of my truest allies attacks me from behind when I'm least prepared, it can only end one way...

Last edited by FredO on 6 June 2021 at 8:40 am UTC
etam Jun 6, 2021
I finished Borderlands 2 a while ago, so now I'm going through Borderlands Pre Sequel.

I also got a Logitech G27 steering wheel, which I'm using to do awesome drifts in DRAG.
Ehvis Jun 6, 2021
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  • Supporter Plus
Had a bit of a random game week since it was too hot to think straight. Did some Star Citizen since it was free to try again last week. It actually seemed more stable this time, who would have thought. With that I played some Quern and Autonauts.
Sich Jun 6, 2021
Mostly Satisfactory or Factorio...
A bit of BattleZone Command Commander and Voxel Tycoon too...
WorMzy Jun 6, 2021
Jumped back in to Oxygen Not Included, currently running a colony of eight dupes who're basically self-sufficient now that I've got water purification and hydroponics sorted. Oxygen generation is being handled by oxyferns and terrariums, with one diffuser ensuring a steady supply in the barracks area. I've stumbled upon a infectious polluted oxygen vent near my starting base, so I'm hoping to utilise that to create safe free, oxygen. Power is entirely dupe-generated via treadmills, with the biggest draw being the water processing plant. Might start using natural gas, as I've run out of fertiliser and still have on abundance of polluted water, and I also have a natural gas geyser nearby. Just not sure if I want to start messing with large heat producers yet, as keeping plants alive is a huge PITA when you have excess heat floating around.
photostyle Jun 6, 2021
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I've been going on a barista your! Started with A Tavern for Tea, then Coffee Talk. Took a break for Hob, and now I'm going to start Necrobarista with some Valheim on the side.
OG SWAT RV@Linux Jun 6, 2021
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  • Supporter
Elite Dangerous: Horizon ( proton ) love this game. I want also ED Odyssey, but the reviews are so bad , I will wait till the reviews are better.

Metro Exodus

Lego Marvel Avengers ( proton ) in split screen, I play it with my daughter. Its fun and the story it is like in the movies.
kaiman Jun 6, 2021
Played Overboard!, inkle's newest creation and found it short, but sweet. Like with most of their previous titles, I enjoyed the freedom it offers to players, with the narrative adapting to the choices you make instead of forcing you down a specific path.

Also had a go at the backer beta of Arcadian Atlas. So far it's Windows-only, and has the issue common to many Unity-based titles that it requires native Windows Media Foundation for video playback. But from the communication it seems like they might provide a native version at a later date. Keeping my fingers crossed.
on_en_a_gros Jun 6, 2021
I was on my way to finish hellpoint, but I lost my nerves on the last boss, and I haven't tried again for the last 2 weeks.

I spend most of my gaming time on battlefield V multiplayer and art of rally. Since I will have a lot of free time for the next two weeks ( I'm a Covid contact case ) wasteland 3 will probably be my main go to game.
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