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What have you been gaming on Linux lately? Come chat

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Another week full of game updates, new releases and plenty still to come. Time for another of our weekly chats about all the wonderful gaming we've been doing.

This week saw some interesting releases for Linux including Desperados IIIA Long Way Down, Crusader Kings III, a new set of Stadia Pro games and plenty of upcoming releases mentioned like The Jackbox Party Pack 7BOY BEATS WORLDart of rallyTenderfoot TacticsSongs of Syx and plenty more from our Gamescom round-up. Certainly no shortage and that's only off the top of my head from this last week.

My current love that I keep going back to is Super Bomberman R Online, which is currently a time-limited exclusive on Stadia. If you have Stadia Pro, it's free to claim until November 30 (and Stadia Pro still gives a month free on sign-up) and it seems there's plenty of players on it, I've had no troubles finding matches.

I've never been that big of a Bomberman fan but something about having 64 people running around various arenas is hilarious. The way it's done is very much like a Battle Royale, a little Fall Guys even. You're initially split into many arenas, with each round having a few taken away so you need to run across to another. It's frantic and brilliant fun.

I'm also mourning the loss of my trusty Logitech F310 gamepad, it had a good 5+ year run but it's time to wave goodbye as it has decided that it no longer wishes to stay connected for more than a few seconds (tested across multiple machines).

Opening it reveals no obvious fault that my total amateur tech mind can find to fix. So, it's time to shop for a new gamepad. While the Gioteck WX-4 Wireless I have still continues on, the PC/Linux support overall is still too lacking right now and as much as I still love the Steam Controller, and confessed much love before, there's times where a stick is just needed and for local multiplayer titles another is required. Sure would be nice if those older hints of a new Steam Controller came true don't you think? 

So, do I go for another trusty Logitech F310? For the price, the F310 is still one of the best PC gamepads around. Perhaps the wireless F710? Or one of those fancy units from 8BitDo? Although the last 8BitDo I had needed some manual repair only a few months after picking, with a button acting like it was always being pressed, so their build quality doesn't feel too great overall.

Feel free to give over your gamepad suggestions for Linux gaming in the comments this week. What are you using, what's your favourite with great game support? Other than that — over to you in the comments: what have you been gaming on Linux lately?

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Koopacabras Sep 6, 2020
Desperados III, just played four missions I can sense it's going to be a MASTERPIECE!
SadL Sep 6, 2020
Crusader Kings III
..55 Hours already..send help..
on_en_a_gros Sep 6, 2020
I spend a lot of time in titanfall 2 (runs great through proton 5.0.9)lately, the campaign was enjoyable, the multiplayer side is a bit more mixed experience in my opinion. Since Ubisoft gives away The division I'm going to give a try.
And for native games, I'm torn between starting 7 days to die, Kentucky route zero and superhot.

As for the gamepad I own a 8bitdo sf30 pro, decent build quality a gorgeous dpad but it's not recognized in some games (I had to configure the controller in steam in order to use it for dead cell and broforce) and it's a bit small IMO.
da_habakuk Sep 6, 2020
xbox 360 wireless controller... though today i would buy the newer xbox one controller.
best ergonomics for the pc
Xpander Sep 6, 2020
Vintage Story - https://www.vintagestory.at - Nice Survival game. Has Complex crafting systems, seasons with great visuals and some exploration aspects. Not a finished game yet though, but have played it around 20-30 hours with a friend and we haven't really reached to the endgame crafting yet.

Warhammer Online - https://www.returnofreckoning.com - as always. My go to RvR/PvP MMORPG. Works wonderfully under wine.

DiRT Rally 2.0 - https://store.steampowered.com/app/690790/DiRT_Rally_20/ - Finished the Master Career mode and did some daily events. A proper Rally game. Works wonderfully with proton.

Horizon Zero Dawn - Not really playing it as its still quite broken visually and performs bad. But there's progress made with vkd3d. It now launches and runs somewhat. More to come.

As for Gamepad.. I have 2x Steam Controllers. I don't really use gamepad much for gaming. Keyboard warrior mostly. Some rare times when friends come over and we play some games from the couch, they work wonderfully though.

Last edited by Xpander on 6 September 2020 at 12:04 pm UTC
shigutso Sep 6, 2020
pokemmo, they have official Linux version :)
DarkVantage Sep 6, 2020
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  • Supporter Plus
Go for another Logitech F310. I've had one for a couple of years, too, and although I'm not a huge gamepad person, I do really like it. Comfortable, reliable, trouble-free on Linux, and you've no doubt developed muscle-memory on it so why not?

I've gone back to some "old" favorites this weekend like Fort Triumph--the best turn-based tactical strategy game since XCOM in my opinion--and Overcooked 2 because it makes me smile.

I might see how well the new Evergate runs on Proton as well. I'm a sucker for platform puzzlers and the soundtrack sounds amazing.
ageres Sep 6, 2020
Mostly Control. I played it last year (the EGS version), but now I want to play new DLC. I didn't want to give more money to Sweeney and Co, so I bought the full version on Steam. A great game, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, not all problems with exclusivity have been solved. In spite of the fact that it's called "the Ultimate Edition", it doesn't have all the available outfits for the main heroine. Some of them are PS4-only, and some of them were given for pre-ordering the game - and I have them on EGS, but not on Steam, because pre-ordering weren't available on Steam! I didn't like those outfits much though, but still feel offended. I hate exclusivity... What a greedy publisher. At least give me Steam-exclusive Gaben outfit if you love exclusivity so much.
There were instructions how to unlock outfits (and one PS4-exclusive side mission with Kojima) by modifying .exe files with a HEX editor, I suppose they will be there too.

QuoteI'm also mourning the loss of my trusty Logitech F310 gamepad, it had a good 5+ year run but it's time to wave goodbye

I can recommend F710. Besides it's wireless and has vibration, it is more comfortable than F310. Sometimes I have problems in Unity games - RT doesn't work. As for the rest, it works fine.
woox2k Sep 6, 2020
Vintage Story... Even though there is no counter i think i'm around 50 hours in and still haven't explored even half of the games content and get surprised by its mechanics often. Also the scenery and atmosphere is awesome. Kinda looks like a MC from screenshots but it really isnt, it's a hell of a lot nicer :)

As for controllers i have 2 Steam and 1 PS3 controller. I like steam controller the most but i really haven't used others much so i'm probably biased. Also the fact that i often play games that require mouse helps SC since it has awesome mouse emulation.
Ananace Sep 6, 2020
Finally got the HOTAS I ordered back in June for my birthday, so I've been trying out various games with it. Played a bit of Freespace 2 - though sadly that game only supports a single joystick at a time which means more work to get a HOTAS to be usable, Star Citizen - works quite fine, and EVERSPACE - which unfortunately needs to be run as the Windows version through Proton in order to get their HOTAS support. Sadly DCS: World crashes on loading for me, and I don't really feel like debugging it at the moment.

Maybe I should try out some Elite: Dangerous though, just to really finish off the list of games that I own.
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